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  • Why would I pick you?

    Well, we can make a UI accordingly to whatever you want, as well as do all the
    UX (scripting) required for the UI (tween scripting, fades, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ time!1!!1

Can I customize the UI afterwards?

Of course you can!

Can I specify what it should look like?

Yes! We are open to specifications. But, if you keep making us alter and change something, we might not take you seriously .

Is it true? Will you do all the UX?

Yes! It comes included in the purchase. Just tell us what you want (tween from side, fade, etc).

Choose a cost that's right for you.

Don't worry! If you can afford something, we have other prices too!
We even have multiple payment options!

(All prices are USD)


1 UI


/ per ui

What's included:


Choice of Style

EyeWare Branding


1 UI


/ per ui

What's included:

No EyeWare Branding


Choice of Style

UX (Scripting for UI)


3 UI/mo


/ per month

What's included:

3 UIs every month

Same as Premium

What are you waiting for? (Not affiliated with any other EyeWare)

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